Vsevolod Ivanovich Sakharov was born on 22 February 1946 in Moscow, Russia. Studied at Moscow University 1964-1970. Concurrently, worked as an editor for the publishing house "Prosveschenie". Served in the army 1970-1971. In 1971-1974 took a post-graduate course at the Literary Institute named after M. Gorki. From 1975 up to the present is a senior scholar the Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In 1977, took out a degree of Candidate of Philology. Became a member of the Union of Writers of Russia in 1978. In 1993, took out a degree of Doctor of Philology. Was deputy Editor-in-Chief of the historical almanac “Russian Archives” in 1996-1999. Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the internet-magazine “Intelligent”.

Publications: "The Renewing World: Notes on Present Day Literature" (M., 1980); "Under the Canopy of United Muses: On Russian Romantics" (M., 1984); "Human Deeds: On Classical and Modern Literature" (M., 1985); "Pages of Russian Romanticism" (M., 1988); "Mikhail Bulgakov: Lessons of Fate" (journal "Podyem", Voronezh, 1991, ¹ 5); "Russian Romantic Lyrics as a System of Artistic Creation" (M., 1993), "Farewell and A Fly. Life and Work of Mikhail Bulgakov" ("L'addio e il volo. Biografia letteraria di Michail Bulgakov") (Venezia, il Cardo editore, 1995, in the Italian language); “Mikhail Bulgakov: Writer and Power” (2000, Japanese edition 2001); “Hieroglyphs of Freemasons. Freemasonry and Russian Literature of the XVIII-XIX Centuries” (2000); “Lermontov” (2001); “Russian Prose of the XVIII-XIX Centuries: Problems of History and Poetics” (2002); “M. Bulgakov in his Life and Work” (2002, 2004); "Romanticism in Russia: Epoch, Schools, Styles" (2004); «Russian Freemasonry in portraits» (2004), “Russian Romanticism: Lyrics and Poets” (2004) and numerous articles in Russian and foreign journals and newspapers. Member of a number of editorial bodies: "Notes on the Archives of the Russian State Library", almanacs "Russian Archives" and "Slavyanin".

CONTACT: 123001, Russia, Moscow, Trekhprudny per., 8, apt. 71. Phone (095) 299-83-72
FAX (095) 200-32-16.


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